Websites samples

I have created dozens of websites since 1998.
For some of them, I took care of everything: briefing with the client, structure, usability, navigation, graphic design, HTML and CSS.
For others, when websites were big projects for big companies, my role was Web Graphic Designer.

I would highlight three of them:
> Duch Claramunt website: I worked as a freelance for EQUIP Xavier Claramunt and I was in charge of everything. It was a big project. I even did the photography and the edition of all the pictures in the catalog.
The animations full-page for the web that I created were projected on walls for exhibitions of the Jewellery collections at very well known and charismatic venues in Barcelona.

> Veintinueve website: That was a big project for Grupo Planeta, a huge Spanish multinational in the publishing area. They wanted to create the first eBook portal in Spain and they chose my proposal for the Graphic Design.
I also created the manual and guidelines of the site.

> Sandra Balsells website: This was a small size project but a personal one. Sandra Balsells is a photographer for conflict areas in the world and she asked me to create her professional site. I felt that I had a special, privileged and amazing opportunity to meet her personally.

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