EQUIP Xavier Claramunt

EQUIP Xavier Claramunt is a Multidisciplinary Architectural Practice which offers three main product lines: Architecture and Interior Design, Industrial Design and Jewellery.
Duch Claramunt
is the Jewellery branch. It comes up from the convergence of Architecture and Jewellery.  The goal is to prepare the jewel to the user, who will finish the creative process and who will wear the jewel depending on her way to understand the piece.

They needed a whole Branding project for the Jewelry branch of their Architecture studio.
They had already created a logo themselves with the letters ChCl. Now, they wanted the whole name of the company in the logo but highlighting those letters.
This one was a solo-project. There were me and Xavier Claramunt himself checking my proposals.

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For the logo, the idea was to use a square to highlight CHCL letters. The square was conceived like a house or container where anything can happen. So, I did some animations using the square as a screen to show a series of images.

For the website, the idea was to use the main menu as a strip. That “strip” was the menu, the image and the story telling of the web. The idea was so strong and worked so well, that we used it as the main idea also for the printed catalog.

This project was a really intensive one! There were 7 collections with tens of pieces for each collection.

I did the redesign of the logo, the photos of each and every jewel, the edition of all photos for the catalog and the whole website (which also contained a catalog) from scratch. All the concept definition, the Information Architecture, the HTML and even Flash animations for each collection.

They used my Flash animations of each collection to project them on the walls for several exhibitions at well-known institutions and venues in Barcelona.